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Alternative Dispute Resolution / Litigation

Whilst litigation is rarely the most cost-effective method of resolving a dispute, decisive court action in the first instance may be necessary in order to protect your essential interests. Whether using the courts or some form of alternative dispute resolution, we have the experience and resources to defend your interests vigorously.

We will pursue or defend claims, including debt recovery, for a client’s business or personal affairs and disputes arising from international transactions. Each case is considered individually, taking into account the precise nature of the dispute, the jurisdictions involved and the preferred outcome before we will recommend a course of action.

Litigation is often expensive, time-consuming and the outcome can be uncertain. ADR offers more control over the decision making process, timetable and, ultimately, the cost. As both sides must agree to the outcome, there is the opportunity to continue the business relationship without appearing to ‘back down’. However, if there is no alternative to litigation, we will provide clear advice and leadership coupled with our assessment of the commercial and financial cost.